Postal Voting

I'm well used to spin and deceit from politicians, and I tolerate it.
When I read in 2002 that "Saddam Hussein could be months away from developing a nuclear bomb if he can find a source of weapons-grade material, according to Western intelligence estimates." I knew an attempt was being made to mislead me. This is normal.

Some misleading statements are lies which are difficult to prove wrong. Some (like the above) are true, but give a false impression. (The trick there is, as I wrote at the time, that just about anyone could produce a nuclear bomb in a few months if given the weapons-grade material). Some are things that could be true in rare and unlikely circumstances.

But how can anyone say "Overall, the postal voting system is no more prone to fraud than other electoral systems." That is a simple claim of fact that is obviously and provably wrong. I consider it far more a disqualification for office than any of the usual "Blair lied" episodes.