Referrer logs

It's funny when you get your news from your blog's referrer logs. I saw a cluster of hits from search engine results for "explosion in Luton". Looks like there's something I need to know about...
It seems that a fuel depot in Hemel has blown up - apparently by accident. (Power surge, perhaps?) The BBC have quotes from people here who were woken by the blast, but I slept through it.
Interestingly, the first hit I got from a search engine link was at 0611. The first explosion was at 0603. Someone must have heard the blast and immediately started web searches to find out about it - that shows a distinct lack of understanding of how search engines work.
Update: As you might gather, I have no information on this other than what's been on television. The depot is 10 miles due south from here, but the smoke is not blowing this way. I was not woken, but many of my neighbours were (and possibly my 3-year-old, but he knows better than to disturb us on Sunday morning). The main effects look like bei a big insurance claim (100-200 million, I would guess), and disrupted travel for a day or two.