About this blog

Pressures of work mean that I'm only likely to add pieces at weekends. I've always gone more for analysis than instant response, so that shouldn't matter much.

I rarely actually look at the blog from outside. I just did, and I've noticed that blogger has eaten all my paragraphs. I tend to write in the "Edit Html" tab, becaues the WYSIWYG mode used to be rubbish, and I would use the preview view before posting. I'm sure blogger used to put actual paragraph breaks in when you used blank lines in "Edit Html", and the preview view still shows them, but blogger itself doesn't. So I'm going to be going back through adding paragraph breaks to older articles. Expect the feed to go haywire.

Note to Google. If the Preview link doesn't show what the piece is going to look like, it's useless. Get rid of it.

It's worse than that! I just wrote this in the "Compose" tab, and it's still eaten all my paragraph breaks. How am I supposed to write paragraphs?? I'm actually going to go in and add paragraphs manually to the HTML. How crap is that?

I've found a setting (under "formatting" on the settings page) which puts the paragraph breaks back. Nevertheless, I consider it broken, because (a) what is the point of having a setting which means the only way of writing paragraphs is to edit the HTML, and (b) why does the setting affect the real blog pages but not the previews in the editor?