More explosives manuals

As I said in my earlier piece:
.. recipes for explosives first appeared in this country 750 years ago. High explosives have been manufactured since the 1860s. Anarchists all over Europe were successfully constructing bombs around 1900. This genie isn't going back in the bottle.
The immediate context was the conviction of Ahmed Patel for the ludicrous crime of "possession of information likely to be of use to terrorists". But also in my mind was the equally asinine initiative of the European Commission to outlaw publication of explosives-making instructions on the internet, which I somehow forgot to mention.

It's easy to assume that this attempt to ban from the internet information easily found in chemistry and history textbooks is another "myth" made up to discredit the EU and spread around by those who are willing to believe anything about the EU that makes it appear stupid. But then, so much of what the EU does looks like that.

Franco Frattini
European Commissioner responsible for Justice, Freedom and Security
“EU counter-terrorism strategy”
European Parliament
Strasbourg, 5 September 2007


The benefits of e-learning have also not escaped the attention of terrorists – you can find detailed instructions on all kinds of terrorist tactics, including the production of explosives, on the internet.

The proposal I mentioned just now will aim at ensuring that these forms of behaviour will be made punishable across the EU.