Richard Brunstom

Is the North Wales Chief Constable calling for the legalisation of drugs.

While I agree with him, I have my worries about government bodies, such as police forces, campaigning for policy. The idea is that the people campaign, and the government responds. I find it idiotic when government-funded "charities" spend their money on campaigns aimed back at the government which funded them, and it is not really any less idiotic just because I agree with the campaign.

Of course, the question of whether Brunstom should express is personal views is a different one. That's really between him and his employers -- if they attempt to be too restrictive they may find it hard to get good people. It is probably best that he is allowed to speak out.

The Police Authority, indeed, is his employer. It consists of 9 councillors, 3 magistrates and 5 appointed members. The councillors have other venues in which to put forward their political views. Rather than calling for change in the law, they would be better making decisions genuinely within their province as to the North Wales Police. I imagine it is beyond the scope of their discretion to decide not to enforce laws they disagree with, but priorities to a certain extent must be down to them. Let them combine their wisdom with their responsibility.