Yes, it's funny that Spitzer was caught paying prostitutes.

But it's funnier that he was grassed up by his bank for large unexplained transactions. That would have been an interesting one for the MLRO. (I wonder if Spitzer had the sense to bank with an institution he hadn't hit for hundreds of millions of dollars?)

And, of course, the FBI followed up because it looked like some kind of evasion of campaign finance laws. What a tangle of nasty illiberal laws he got caught up in. You can't even pass a few grand for an evening's company in a hotel without involving a whole bunch of compliance officers and federal agents. All those laws should be repealed tomorrow.

Still, couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. It's the service providers (who are actually facing charges) who I have sympathy for. Hopefully they'll end up with their own TV show or something. 2010 update - the TV show fell through, she had to settle for a newspaper column