Peter Gleick

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Just the other day I wrote in a comment at Samizdata:

It's a bit cheap, given that there's no evidence or even likelihood, that actual climate scientists are responsible for this hoax, to say that jumping to very firm conclusions on very little evidence, and indeed fraudulently improving the evidence that doesn't quite show what you want it to, are characteristic of one side of this debate rather than the other. But there is a pattern here, at least in the political realm, of sceptics being, well, sceptical, and the warmists not.
This is me, eating those words. And let me tell you, they're yummy.

Look at what the Heartland story tells us about the person behind it:

Now, of course, if the leak was done by some dim environmentalist activist, it would still be unfair to smear actual climate scientists by attributing those same qualities to them.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Peter Gleick. Macarthur fund. Leading climate scientist.

Of course, that's just one rogue scientist. They're not all like that. I mean, they have ethics task forces and stuff.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.