Looking Grim

England are 18-3

190 is starting to look like a decent score.

On a related point, this article by Professor John Adams is an eye-opener. I was well aware that the 52 murders a couple of weeks ago was, statistically, pretty minor, but I never suspected that even Israelis run substantially higher risk of being killed in road accidents than by terrorists. If you want to have reasonable cause to worry about terrorism, you've pretty much got to move to Baghdad. And I imagine they have pretty serious traffic problems too.

The other concern is that terrorists can achieve serious death tolls with the famed Weapons of Mass Destruction. The trouble with this theory is of the "NBC" triad, the B and C - Biological and Chemical weapons, just aren't up to mass destruction. Time and again, on the battlefield or the underground train, they've proved inferior to conventional weapons. Indeed, the real weapon of mass destruction is a large quantity of high explosives.

That leaves nukes. I will return to this subject later.

In the meantime, let's watch the sodding cricket and wait for the trains to start running.