16 April 2010

Home Education registration dropped

When I wrote my earlier post, the top reason in my mind why a Tory government would be slightly less unpleasant to me than a Labour one was that the Conservatives had promised to repeal the requirement in the new Education Act for home educators to be registered.

As I went through the "filling-in-the-links" stage of the post, I discovered that that clause had been knocked out by the Lords, and the bill had gone through without it.

I felt rather silly for having missed that. However, on checking I could not find one mainstream national news organisation had reported the change. Google News shows 19 stories on the subject, all of them either from specialists or not actually mentioning the home education part. It was also picked up by some local papers such as The St Albans and Harpenden Review

There is a conspiracy of silence on all sides about home education in the UK. Home educators prefer to keep a low profile, because of the risk of the government getting interested and putting in its big boot, particularly since Badman. The education establishment is equally quiet, because they don't want to draw attention to the number of parents who value state education not merely at less than it costs the taxpayer to provide, but as so completely worthless that it is preferable to do the job themselves.


FionaN said...


The Education Otherwise campaign website has the latest news about home education. We sent a Press Release which was picked up by a few places, but the press reports were dominated by the Digital Economy Act.

Fiona, Nicholson Trustee Education Otherwise

A Nonny Mouse said...

I think that everyone’s interest should be considered in this matter, and there may yet be a case for registration. I realise that this is definitely not the case with regards to Master Bugelbeast, but surely some children might at some later date resent their parents’ ability to take them out of regular education and inflict their own ridiculous prejudices on them. Some parents are Flat-earthists, others believe in child molesting:-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Children_of_God_(New_Religious_Movement)
A certain amount of quality control is necessary.

As a possible alternative to home-schooling in the upper years, have you considered the American School?